Low Pressure UV Lamp
1、Strong UV Irradiance
2、more than 13000h lifetime
3、 Small light depreciation

Matched Electronic Ballast
1、Super working life
2、Power Factor is over 0.95.
3、No-Load Protection Function
4、Air Leakage Protection Function
5、End of Life Protection Function
6、Load Short Circuit Protection Function
7、Overvoltage Protection Function
8、Accord with the safety regulations of CE, CQA,UL, and so on


UV Disinfection Technology

1、The technology that 185nm ultraviolet rays excite O2 to produce O3 is stabler compared to a discharging- type ozone generator and is little affected by environmental humidity.
2、Sufficient battery capacity guarantees O3 concentration and O3 disinfection time; O3 is easy to spread, and the fan accelerates O3 penetration to ensure the killing effect on various microorganisms.
3、185nm ultraviolet ray excites O2 to produce O3, and does not produce toxic by-products such as nitrogen oxides, nitric acid and nitrate
4、O3 reduction function is set. After disinfection, O3 is irradiated by 253.7nm ultraviolet rays to reduce O3 to O2. After disinfection is finished, the O3 concentration at the position that is 20cm away from the opening is lower than the safe value, which meets the standard requirements and is safer after disinfection.
5、Unique UV technology, the UV lamp has the advantage of small size and large energy, which makes the COMCLER small in size and easy to use.

Air Disinfection Purifier

Disinfection Purifier :Sterilization, formaldehyde removal, PM2.5 removal

1、The double disinfection mode of high-strength ultraviolet rapid sterilization and ozone disinfection decomposes space formaldehyde, toluene and other organic substances and kills Legionella, hepatitis virus, influenza virus and other microorganisms.
2、The dual action of electrostatic field and ultraviolet radiation kills microorganisms in the particles and eliminates secondary pollution of microbial growth.
3、 The area of the electrostatic plate is large, the dust holding capacity is large, the photocatalytic net has strong purification ability, good persistence and small depreciation.
4、The electrostatic module and the primary filter can be cleaned, reused, and free of consumables.
5、Ozone penetration is good, disinfection is thorough; there is ozone reduction function, safe concentration standard of ozone concentration after reduction, safer and more secure.

Application of COMCLER

The disinfection machine has built-in new ozone technology, which is more penetrating.

Design, Research and Development

The disinfection machine has built-in new ozone technology, which is more penetrating.

Production and Application

The disinfection machine has built-in new ozone technology, which is more penetrating.

Customer service